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Texas Midwife Birth Center

Thank you for visiting Well Rounded Birth. I am a Dallas/Fort Worth based Home Birth Midwife located in Grapevine Texas.

Teaches Childbirth Classes using Birth Boot Camp

Learn how to have a natural birth with Birth Boot Camp! Natural childbirth education for home birth and birth center birth with a midwife.

Using a Doula in childbirth lowers your chance of c-section.

Hire a doula who will help with labor support and assist a hom birth, birthing center or hospital birth in the Fort Worth area. A doula can help with breastfeeding, emotional support and labor positions.

About Our Birth Center and Midwifery Services

Your Well Rounded Birth midwife has birth center and home birth with water birth options. See us in our Grapevine Birthing Center for midwife services. Offering water birth as a natural pain relief in labor. We accept insurance in-network.

Learn about natural childbirth

Natural holistic midwifery care at our birth center in Grapevine.

Home Birth and Birth Center Midwife

If you are looking for a midwife in Fort Worth contact us at Well Rounded Birth. Our midwife offers many options including birth center, homebirth and waterbirth. Please contact us if you have any questions about your natural birth options!

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